How to choose an avocado

Avocado is one of those fruits that does not ripen on the tree, but only after being picked. Fresh fruits in the store are sold unripe, so they are hard. To choose a good avocado, you need to pay attention to the following signs:

Shape and color. Avocados come in different varieties, shapes and colors. The most common variety is Hass, which is pear-shaped and has dark green or brown skin with tubercles. A ripe avocado of this variety will be darker and softer than an unripe one.How to choose an avocado
Texture and smell. The fruit should be smooth, without damage or spots on the skin. A good avocado is firm, but not rock-like. If you lightly press the fruit with your finger, it will make a small dent. If it is too soft or squashed, it is overripe or spoiled. Avocados should not have a strong odor.
Pulp. Cut the fruit, pay attention to the color of the pulp. Ideally, it is light green or yellow, without dark spots or streaks.