Mineral composition of avocado

Avocado https://greenelly.com/ contains a number of minerals that are essential for maintaining health, namely:

Potassium. This mineral helps regulate blood pressure and the functioning of the nervous system. Getting your body the recommended daily intake of potassium every day can help protect against hypertension and stroke. Half an avocado contains 10% of the daily value of potassium.
Copper is involved in energy production, collagen formation and protects cells from oxidative stress. In addition, copper is necessary for the absorption of iron andMineral composition of avocado the prevention of anemia. Half a fruit contains 21% of the recommended daily value.
Manganese acts as a cofactor for various enzymes that are involved in metabolism, protecting cells from free radicals and maintaining bone health.
Iron ensures the transport of oxygen in the body.
Phosphorus and calcium are responsible for bone health.