Sources of complex carbohydrates

It was mentioned that a balanced diet consists of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a ratio of 1/1/4. This proportion shows that carbohydrates should make up a significant part of our diet, since they provide the body with the necessary energy. However, the key to a healthy diet is the predominance of complex carbohydrates rather than simple ones. Sources of simple carbohydrates are sweets, baked goods and fast food. But complex (slow) carbohydrates are found in vegetables, fruits and cereals The list below will allow you to choose foods for proper nutrition.Sources of complex carbohydrates

Whole grain cereals, namely: buckwheat, barley, quinoa, spelt, brown rice, millet and amaranth. Containing complex carbohydrates, these grains are an excellent healthy side dish or ingredient in soups.
Oat flakes include complex carbohydrates, provided that they are flakes that require long cooking (at least 15-20 minutes). Instant oat flakes, which are simply poured with boiling water, are a source of fast carbohydrates.
Pasta made from durum wheat is perhaps the most satisfying product, rich in complex carbohydrates. Pasta cooks quickly and makes it possible to conduct culinary experiments. To create a new dish, just change the sauce.
The fruits of legumes also contain a significant amount of complex carbohydrates, which is a reason to diversify your diet more often.