Chat commands in League of Legends

In addition to hotkeys, League of Legends has a number of commands that are used in chat. These are mainly commands for negotiating with other players, but there are also several commands for controlling your champion’s emotions.


First, let’s look at the basic chat commands. Be sure to pay attention to the “/” symbol, which is placed in front of all commands.


Enter – opens chat. Next, a message is typed. Pressing “enter” again sends the message. Be careful when sending a message, as you may accidentally press “enter” and then use hotkeys, but they will not work, but the message will be typed in the chat. It is also worth remembering that when sending a message this way, only your allies will see it. To send a message to all participants, a specific key combination is used, described below.

Chat commands in League of Legends

/Help – list of commands and their descriptions


/all or “Shift + Enter” – opens the chat, but the message is written for all participants. After typing the message, you just need to press “enter” to send the message.


/W “<player nickname>” “<message text>” – send a private message to the player.


/R – Reply to the last private message.


/Mute “<player nickname>” – adds the player to the black list (ignore).


/buddylist – Removes all players from the friend list online.


/surrender – start voting for defeat. When you see that your team can no longer win, then you can use the team. After this, all players will have a small voting menu. In order for your team to give up, you need a majority of players to vote in favor. When you play on a large map, that is, 5 on 5, then it is necessary for 4-5 players to vote for defeat. If your team votes, for example, 3 to 2, then the vote will not be valid and can only be repeated after a few minutes.


/nosurrender – vote “against” defeat. It’s easier, of course, to just click “NO” in the voting menu that appears.