General information about armor penetration in League of Legends

In League of Legends there is such a thing as "Armor Penetration". This means that your damage will ignore some physical armor or magic resistance.

Initially, all champions have a penetration rate of zero, but it can be increased with the help of skills, artifacts, runes and talents. Physical Penetration is a very important stat for champions who deal their damage through physical attacks. Armor penetration is a very important and useful indicator against absolutely all types of enemies. This is especially effective against champions who have very little defense early in the game. In this case, you can significantly increase the power of your attacks. It is also worth understanding that due to physical penetration, you can essentially completely ignore the target’s armor or even drive it into the minus and thereby deal bonus damage.


Armor penetration is an indicator responsible for reducing the target’s armor. If, for example, your champion has 10% Armor penetration, then this is equivalent to the fact that he will deal 10% more damage. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in League of Legends there are two different concepts: armor penetration and armor reduction. The difference between them is that the armor reduction effect will reduce armor even when it reaches zero. That is, it will drive the armor into minus and in this case the enemy will receive bonus damage.

General information about armor penetration in League of Legends

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in season 7, a new parameter “lethality” was added to the game, which replaced the old parameter Armor penetration. At the same time, lethality increases armor penetration by 40% of its value. The remaining 60% depends linearly on the enemy’s level. From the outside, of course, everything looks very complicated, but to put it simply, at the beginning of the game, “lethality” will provide less penetration, and as the enemy’s level increases, the effect of lethality will simultaneously increase.


Initially, all champions have a base penetration stat of 0, but this stat can be improved using various runes, talents, items, and champion skills.


By reducing the enemy’s defense, you can increase the damage not only of physical attacks, but also of some skills that cause physical damage. This also applies to items that have active effects that cause physical damage.


The reduction in defense is also relevant because it works on enemy structures, which can have very high armor values.