Types of wards in League of Legends

There are a wide variety of wards in League of Legends, and each of them has its own unique features.

Firstly, it is worth noting that some of the wards you buy are placed in your inventory, and some are placed in a special accessories slot (default number 4). At the very beginning of the game, you can take a free ward, which will be located in the accessories slot and which will be periodically restored. You can practice on smurf accounts from happysmurf.com All wards can only be destroyed with a basic attack. In this case, one auto attack deals 1 unit of damage. And so let’s look at all types of wards:


Control Ward – this type of ward is used to detect invisible enemies, traps or other wards. Very often, a ward is used to destroy enemy wards near key points, for example near the Dragon or Baron. Unfortunately, the ward is always visible to the enemy, but this is slightly compensated by the fact that it has 4 units of health, not 3. If you install this ward in the right bushes, then it can stand for a very long time, since it does not have a timer and can stand at least the entire game. Please note that one player can place only one such ward on the map at a time. If you place a second one, the first one will instantly disappear.


Warding Totem (Trinket) – this ward is free and can be used by absolutely any player. The ward is placed in a special accessory slot. The undoubted advantage of the ward is that it is free and that it automatically recharges after some time. In addition, it does not take up space in your inventory. The downside of the ward is that it only costs a minute (at the beginning of the game, but then the duration increases), and the cooldown is 3 minutes (over time, the cooldown decreases to 1.5 minutes). This ward is good to use when you are waiting for the jungler to arrive and place a ward in advance to provide additional vision. Subsequently, this ward can be improved at level 9.


Farsight Alteration – this type of totem can be obtained at level 9 by improving the current accessory. The main advantage of this ward is that it can be installed over a huge distance and is often used as a clearing. Most often, this ward does not last very long, since it is visible to enemies and only one hit is enough to destroy it. Of course, you can use the accessory to install a ward in the bushes, but usually this type of ward is used for quick clearance.


Separately, it is worth mentioning such items as: Spectral Sickle, Spellthief’s Edge, Steel Shoulderguards and Relic Shield. These items are very often purchased by supports, as they can significantly increase the farming speed. In addition, all of these items have a quest whose goal is to earn 500 gold using the item. As a result, we get one of the improved artifacts: Harrowing Crescent, Runesteel Spaulders, Frostfang and Targon’s Buckler, respectively. After completing the task, the item will change in appearance and your champion will have the active ability to place up to 3 totems on the map. In this case, the charges for installing totems will be automatically replenished at the base. All of these items can also be upgraded later. In fact, these are key support items, but remember that you can only buy one.


Rift Scuttler – neutral monster Crab is also essentially a ward, and one of the best. When you kill a crab, it stands next to the Dragon or Baron, respectively. At the same time, enemies see this ward, but they cannot destroy it. This ward also increases movement speed, which is very important when killing a Dragon or Baron.


When using wards, you should understand that immediately after installation, even an invisible ward will be visible for some time and enemies will have time to destroy it. If there is only one enemy, then most likely he will not have time to make 3 hits in order to destroy the ward. But there is an exception. For example, Leona can very quickly destroy a ward due to the fact that her Shield of Daybreak skill instantly recharges her auto attack. In other words, the enemy makes one basic attack, then uses a skill, hits, and instantly uses another basic attack. There are quite a lot of champions who can quickly recharge their attack this way. This is worth considering when you place a ward right under the enemy’s feet.