Counter forestry in League of Legends

In this section I would like to talk a little about counter jungle and counter ganks. In the world of League of Legends, there are a number of junglers who, early in the game, can quickly take one of the buffs and go into the enemy jungle with the goal of killing the enemy jungler.

Such champions include, for example, Lee Sin, Shaco, Vi, accounts that can be picked up at If you are playing a tank jungler who needs some time to become a strong champion, then be sure to keep an eye on the composition of the enemy team and which jungler the enemy took. The most dangerous part of the game for the average jungler is the very beginning. If you see on the enemy team there is a forester who could potentially end up in your forest, then it is better to try to run through your own forest with a maximum supply of health and constantly check the bushes before clearing any spot of neutral monsters. The best defense against counter forestry is, of course, totems. Literally a couple of totems near the water will be enough to see the approximate direction of the enemy’s movement. Of course, having installed totems, you must constantly monitor the minimap in order to react in time to the approaching danger.


Often a counter jungler can ruin your game not only by attacking you. For example, if the enemy knows that you will definitely start farming with a blue buff, then he can quickly take away your red buff and thereby throw you back significantly in terms of farming speed. Also, the lack of a red buff will reduce your effectiveness during a gank. At the same time, you are unlikely to be able to repay the enemy in the same coin, since he is stronger or more mobile than you at the early stage of the game. It’s even worse if the enemy jungler clears one of your spots of neutral monsters, but leaves one small neutral alive. Until you kill this little neutral, new monsters will not appear and you will have to be content with a small amount of experience and gold. It is advisable that your allies move together and as quickly as possible to occupy the enemy bush. Quite often, in the first 90 seconds, serious battles begin, in which several players die. The success of such a campaign also depends on the composition of your team and the presence of champions, who are very strong at the first level.


The following tactics also apply to counter forestry. At the very beginning of the game, your team roughly estimates which buff the enemy jungler will go for and goes for the opposite one. If, for example, you take a buff near the bottom line, then two allies from the bottom line help you, but if you steal a buff near the top line, then only one ally from the top line helps you. Of course, only blue and red buffs are taken. The remaining neutral spots are far away and not so significant. All members of your team can participate in this tactic, but most often a couple of allies are enough. The main task is to quickly take away the enemy buff and return to your duties.


Lastly, I would like to touch a little on such a topic as “Counter Gang”. This tactic is that you have a rough idea of the direction the enemy jungler is moving and wait in advance for him near the line he is potentially moving towards. As soon as the jungler tries to enter the lane to gank, you attack him and, together with your allies, quickly kill him. This is the most difficult tactic. Firstly, you must clearly understand what kind of forester is standing against you and on what principle he will farm the forest. You should also know the monster respawn counters well and have an approximate idea at what minute the enemy jungler will enter a specific lane. And lastly, you must know for sure that the bushes in which you are hiding are not visible to the enemy using a totem and your location is unknown to the enemy.