Forester artifacts in League of Legends

The very first artifact of the forester is the Hunter's Machete or Hunter's Talisman. You can only buy these artifacts if you took one of the Smite spells. Subsequently, these artifacts can be improved 2 times.

The first time the artifact improves the Smite spell to a greater extent, and the second time the artifact is upgraded, the artifact mainly gains an increase in certain characteristics of the champion. And if you need smurf accounts, has them.

First improvement:

With the first upgrade, you begin to receive more gold for killing large neutral monsters. Health and mana regen also increases during battles with neutral monsters.


Skirmisher’s Saber – this improvement allows you to use the Smite spell on enemies, which was not possible before. In this case, the enemy is marked with a special mark for 4 seconds. When attacking an enemy with a mark, your champion will deal pure damage for 3 seconds, and the enemy’s damage to your hero will be reduced by 20%. Also, under the influence of the mark, the enemy will be constantly highlighted. This improvement is especially effective against damage dealers who specialize in auto attacks.


Stalker’s Blade – This upgrade also allows you to use Smite on enemies. At the same time, the enemy also receives a small amount of pure damage and your champion steals 20% of the enemy’s movement speed. That is, you gain 20% movement speed, and the enemy’s movement speed is reduced by 20%. This upgrade is very good for champions who don’t have good crowd control and have to constantly catch up to enemies.


Second improvement:

Bloodrazor – each basic attack deals additional damage equal to 4% of the target’s maximum health (maximum damage to minions and monsters is 75 units). The improvement significantly speeds up the farming of the forest and greatly helps when killing the Dragon or Baron.


Cinderhulk – Health +400. Health +15%. Unique Aura: Deals 7 + (2 * champion level) magic damage to all surrounding enemies every second. Monsters take 100% more damage. This upgrade is ideal for tank junglers. Firstly, you get a very nice fire aura that helps farm the jungle and even damages champions. Secondly, thanks to this improvement, your champion can greatly increase his maximum health, and for a tank this is a very important indicator.


Runic – when the hero moves or uses skills, he accumulates charges. When the number of charges reaches the maximum, the next skill will absorb all charges and hit up to 4 targets, causing an additional magic damage equal to 60 + (0.1*AP). Large monsters take 250% damage. In addition, when a large monster is defeated, 18% of the missing mana is restored.


Warrior – increases physical attack by 60 (AD). The cooldown of all skills is reduced by 10%. This upgrade is very good for aggressive junglers who mainly specialize in ganks and dealing as much damage as possible.


As a rule, a jungler only needs Hunter’s Machete or Hunter’s Talisman to successfully farm the forest at the beginning of the game. All other artifacts are purchased depending on the champion you choose. Here I would just like to draw your attention to forester boots. Considering that the jungler has to move a lot between lanes and cover huge distances, Boots of Mobility can be a good choice. With these boots you will be able to move between neutral monster spots very quickly, as well as move between lanes as quickly as possible and perform more ganks.


Separately, I would like to note that the forester, like the support, constantly buys various wards and uses them in order to control as many areas on the map as possible. The correct placement of wards is sometimes much more useful than your unsuccessful attempts to gank.