Forester spells in League of Legends

The most important spell for any jungler is, of course, Smite. This spell not only deals very good damage to neutrals, but also allows you to buy unique artifacts Hunter's Machete and Hunter's Talisman.

Initially, Smite only deals pure damage to monsters and minions. By upgrading the Hunter’s Machete artifact, the effect of the Smite spell may change. Accounts with the right forest heroes are available from Below we will look at all the options for improving the Smite spell.


Challenging Smite (Skirmisher’s Saber) – the Smite spell can be used on an enemy champion. In this case, the enemy is marked with a special mark for 4 seconds. When attacking an enemy with a mark, your champion will deal pure damage for 3 seconds, and the enemy’s damage to your hero will be reduced by 20%. Also, under the influence of the mark, the enemy will be constantly highlighted.


Chilling Smite (Stalker’s Blade) – the Smite spell can be used on an enemy champion. In this case, the enemy receives 28-164 pure damage and you steal 20% of their movement speed for 2 seconds.


When you start the game, you are given one charge of the Smite spell and new charges begin to accumulate from 1:40 minutes into the game. The player can have a maximum of 2 charges, but they cannot be used one after the other. Allow at least 15 seconds between each use of Smite. Each new charge appears after 75 seconds.


When you use Smite on large neutral monsters, you will immediately deal some pure damage and restore 70+ (10% of your maximum health).


As a rule, the second spell for a jungler is something that compensates for the shortcomings of a particular champion. For example, if a champion does not have the skills to quickly close the distance, then Flash or Ghost is often taken as the second spell. It is also good to use Teleport to increase mobility. Using teleport, you will always have the opportunity to quickly move to the line where the battle begins.

You can also use the teleport to move to a totem installed in the enemy forest and kill a lost enemy there. If the champion has good skills that increase the champion’s mobility, but lacks control skills, then it’s good to take Exhaust as the second spell. The least used spells are Ignite and Cleanse, but in some cases they will be very relevant. All other spells are poorly suited for a forester and are used extremely rarely.