Forest monsters in League of Legends

Forest monsters on different maps differ, but mostly we will talk about the Summoner's Rift map, as it is the main one and it is on it that all the main matches and championships take place.

Neutral forest monsters are very different from line minions. Neutrals stand around their specific places and never attack you on their own. In the course of the match, the level of the forest monsters grows and is approximately equal to the average level of the champions. Get accounts for forest training from The increase in the level of neutrals occurs at the moment of their revival. That is, if you don’t touch any monsters from the very beginning of the game, they stand quietly and have a minimum level. If you kill them, they will revive after a while and will have increased health and attack characteristics. If you kill neutrals whose level is lower than yours, then you get less experience. If you kill neutrals who are higher than you in level, then on the contrary you get much more experience. Experience calculation depends on each specific monster.

As neutrals level up, you get more gold and experience for killing them. In addition, using the Smite spell on a large monster, you can restore some health and mana. When you start attacking monsters, they immediately attack you and try to resist. At the same time, if you move too far from the camp of concrete monsters, they will stop attacking you and run back to their spawn point. In this case, their health begins to recover quickly. Добежав до лагеря монстры вернутрынся и бегут вашу строенье, если вы често выставление что може месте. If you attack neutrals not alone, then the monsters will periodically change the target and attack different champions (predominantly those who are closer). If your allies help you with the initial farm of forest monsters, periodically put themselves under attack instead of you, then you need to remember that with each change of the enemy, the patience scale of the neutral monster above the head will be filled. If the scale fills up completely, then the neutral will stop attacking, run to his camp and quickly restore health.

A neutral always tries to attack the enemy closest to him. Monsters don’t immediately forget the enemy who started attacking them and run after him even into the nearest bushes, so you shouldn’t expect that you’ll be able to hide from them.

Each camp of neutral monsters has its own respawn time. If you yourself clear the camp of neutrals or simply witness the death of the last monster, then you can track the time of the revival of this camp by pressing the “Tab” button. In the upper panel of the menu, there are large camps (firewood and blue golem), Drakon and Baron. We will not be able to see the respawn of sharp-billed or craggy monsters, but these monsters are not as important as the ones described above. When there are 60 seconds left before the appearance of Firewood, Golem, Dragon or Baron, a special gray icon appears on the minimap.

Thus, you can manage to reach the point and, for example, organize an ambush. When a neutral monster appears in his camp, the gray icon will change to gold. Maybe it’s all the little things, but it’s very convenient to navigate on the mini-map and you don’t need to open the “Tab” menu once again.


All monsters of Summoner’s Rift cards with characteristics and possible buffs will be listed below. All characteristics (except for protection) are specified from 1 to 18 levels.