Microsoft is preparing improved models of Xbox Series consoles. Check out the first pictures

There have been rumors of new PlayStation 5 console models for some time now, and a fresh leak now proves that Microsoft won't be left behind either. We have the first images and information about the revised Xbox Series machines.

Leaked documents provide details on new Xbox Series console models

A modified controller is also on the way

It will be launched on the market next year

The information was apparently accidentally leaked from documents handled during the court battle between Microsoft and the FTC. The new model of the Xbox Series X console is codenamed Brooklin, and at first glance it impresses with its cylindrical design.


The console will offer faster Wi-Fi 6E, a disk with a capacity of 2 TB, lower consumption or a more efficient saving mode. Brooklin does without an optical drive, you can notice the USB-C port in the front. A new model is also planned for the weaker Xbox Series S console (codenamed Ellenwood).


An improved Sebile driver is also in the works. Following Sony’s example, Microsoft is starting to talk about haptic feedback, worth noting the accelerometer and quieter analog sticks and buttons. The gamepad can now respond to being picked up from the table.


The graphic shows that the controller will go on sale first, in May of next year. At the end of August, the new Xbox Series S model with a price tag of $299 should follow, followed two months later by the improved Xbox Series X at a price of $499.


In conclusion, it should be noted that Microsoft’s plans may have changed, so the mentioned information must be taken with a grain of salt before official confirmation.