Meet Heavy, this time live. The actor reprized the iconic role

Meet the Heavy is one of the short trailers that were supposed to introduce the playable classes in Team Fortress 2.

Now the role of Heavy has been recast by his voice actor, Gary Schwartz. He appeared in a remade version of the video made by YouTube creator Sh2rK.


Meet the Heavy is a viral trailer for one of the characters in Team Fortress 2

YouTube creator Sh2rK recreated the video with the original voice acting of the characters

“Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe, but I’ve yet to come across anyone who outwits bullets,” Team Fortress 2’s Heavy shares his life philosophy in the viral trailer. The Meet the Heavy video has received 21 million views in less than 15 years since its publication. In total, the entire “Meet the” collection managed to collect 213 million views.


The undying popularity of the trailers and Team Fortress 2 itself is also evidenced by a less than a week old video on YouTube channel Sh2rK, in which his voice actor, Gary Schwartz, returned to the role of Heavy. In addition to Heavy, the actor also dubbed the character of Demoman in Team Fortress 2. The fan remake of the trailer managed to collect over a million views in just a few days.


Gary Schwartz is known for his love of Team Fortress 2 and regularly appears at fan meetings. Along with other dubbers of characters from the game, he also often collaborates on humorous videos.