Life in a cage. EA Sports UFC 5 Gameplay Showcase Showcases the Power of the Frostbite Engine

EA Sports UFC 5 was revealed in early September with a movie-like trailer, now followed by a preview with commentary and gameplay footage.

The demo is a complete overview of EA Sports UFC 5.

A new damage system and modified capture exchanges are visible.

While UFC 4 didn’t take a significant step forward, the upcoming sequel will take another leap, as can be seen in the graphics, for example. For the first time, the authors have relied on the Frostbite engine, with which they intend to create a complex MMA simulator.


The change in engine is mainly due to the detailed reworking of the characters, which become reliable likenesses of individual wrestlers. You can see, for example, Valentina Shevchenko, whom you will also meet in career mode.


The demo gives a taste of the new damage system, which can simulate fighter injuries such as lacerations. However, this is not just a visual effect. Damage directly affects performance during combat, too many strikes with the front leg will cause a limp and limit the range of movement and power of attacks, greatly reducing the chances of winning. Conor McGregor could tell.


The next passage is about struggle. In this case, too, significant changes were made to make combat on the ground as close to reality as possible. The authors made a radical decision and completely removed the mini-games that you remember from the previous parts. Exchanges should be much faster and more intuitive.


EA Sports UFC 5 will be released on October 27 on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles.